Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Webcam video from January 7, 2014 9:49 PM

In light of today's discussion I made a Vlog post instead of a blog post today.

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Nicole Welke said...

Chuck I think you hit it right on when you asked the question about what does it mean to have to enhance our bodies to reach a level of perfection. It makes me wonder what is this perfection we are striving for with our bodies? Does it relate to the curiosity we talked about the first day to some degree? I also wonder where that need or desire comes from in our culture.

I also wear glasses/contacts, and this past summer I was on a trip to South Africa. One of the people with my group was an eye doctor, so she brought with glasses. The individuals who received glasses had no idea what they were "missing" until this external thing helped them gain a level of "perfection" they had not previously had. Now I would not want to be without glasses, but I do have to wonder is the altering or assistance a way of trying to gain perfection. What does that do to our understanding of God, who we are, and whose we are?