Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mobile Deposit

This morning I deposited a check to my bank account while eating breakfast, in my kitchen. This amazing feat was made possible with the updated version of the PNC Mobile App for Android.

Part of my morning routine is checking my phone for email and what not and this morning there was an update for the app. One of the new features listed was mobile deposit, which piqued my curiosity, since I had two checks I need to deposit but kept forgetting to stop at the bank. Once the update installed I fired up the app and logged in. Sure enough, there was the button labeled Deposit. After clicking on it I had to agree to terms of service and got some instructions on how it worked. Afterwards I was presented with a clean interface prompting for the account to deposit the check, the amount and two buttons for taking pictures of the check (front and back). The photos were taken quickly and the deposit was "made" within a minute. Pretty slick overall.

You're supposed to hold onto the check for two weeks before destroying it. Right now the deposits show up on my account as pending transactions, so we'll see how long it takes to get them processed through to my account. I'm anxious to see what happens, and also to curious how things will get resolved if it doesn't work out. How will the tellers in New Oxford PA react when I show up and walk up to the counter with an issue on my phone, I wonder.