Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There's a new service called which I'm trying out. The basic gist of the service is that you configure a page for yourself which pulls in information from other pages. I know that sounds a little silly, but it makes for a great landing page for a person, so I'm trying it out. If the DNS information has moved for you, then heading over to should bring you to my flavors page ( also works. Right now the page pulls in this blog, Flickr, Facebook, Netflix and shared items from Google Reader. There are a variety of other services which it will pull in automatically using the API from the service, or you can add any RSS feed, which is pretty cool.

Hey, I already have one

So I'm looking to change how I run and went to setup a blog here on Blogger. I went to register and was told that the domain isn't available, so I opened up the URL to see which other Chuck Steel had already grabbed it. Low and behold it was some jerk that hadn't updated his blog since 2006. Upon further examination I found that the jerk in question was me! Ha!

The blog was under the old account, so I claimed it using my Google Account and now I'm good to go with updating here again.