Friday, January 11, 2013

Media Meets Religion - Day 5

We started today with two speakers and the pace was a bit slowed because one of the speakers originally scheduled couldn't make it. Elder Fred Kinsey has a long history working in media, he got his start as a rock DJ and made a deal with God that he would go to Seminary but if it didn't work out God would leave him alone. It turns out that it did work out and Fred has been working in the church and communications for quite a while. Fred gave us a great quote: "We are in a world that is so connected that it is disconnected." That's a very cogent thought and reflects on how our relationships have changed with the advent of new technologies that are supposed to make us more connected to each other. In some ways we are more like a small village since we know what everyone is up to but in some ways all of that knowing is leading us to be more selective about the things we talk about online.

Next we heard from The Reverend Kellie Anderson-Picallo from Auburn Media. Kellie is part of an interesting project that is trying to make religious professionals more media savvy. Kellie took us back to day two with her reminder that we need to be very aware of our personal brand and how we present ourselves online. This was a good reminder at the end of the week that has been very busy and focused on learning so many things that it's easy to forget about ourselves.

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